Friday, May 8, 2009

This needs to happen in every city

Papergirl #3 from Papergirl on Vimeo.

“Give away what you’ve got!” This video is so inspiring! Originally started by Aisha Ronniger, Papergirl is a project that has been going on since 2006. Paper art is distributed to unsuspecting people around Berlin via bicyclists. Artists submit work from all over the world (nothing digital), and the art is bundled up in groups of 10-15 pieces so each roll has a unique assortment of work. Just watch the video, it explains it way better! The deadline for submissions is June 17th. -Boooooooooom!

It could be a great summer project and distribute them when autumn quarter starts? Well, i guess this is just another thing to add on to my plate of this I WANT TO do but probably wont do them. Im a lazy blob. BUT ITS THE TOUGHT THAT COUNTS! (thanks christmas!)

Monday, May 4, 2009