Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Studio Space!

alison schulnick in her studio

I am finally moving on up, and moving on out of my brothers apartment in Chicago. My brutal search, known as an "apartment hunt" has finally come to an end. Living with people was my first prefernce, but after spending all day long with people in a tall office building, that little person inside of me wants to sit quietly and watch re-runs of Seinfeld while I make stuff. Another big criteria in my apartment hunt was to have enough space for me to make art again. Its just been so long. Although one could argue that I could make art anywhere, but not when youre living with your older sibling who watches tv all night long in your "bed room" aka the living that is rightfully his. So, with no further Audie, I have found a wonderful studio apartment that I will convert into a magical studio space as well. The kitchen is big enough to fit 10 families, so I figure why not make half of that space a working area. Like I cook anyways? Pshhh. Being a machine at work has made me so anxious to just create! This weekend I will begin Letterpress classes at Lilli Street Art Center in Ravenswood and I could not be more excited! Sometimes I wish I just worked at Whole Foods decorating desserts, something mindless and numbing, and focus on things I truly care about like.....making stuff.