Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CNN (Chicken Noodle News)

I care. Ok, maybe not as much as I should. What can I do if I function a completely different way then others. What makes one person SO intrigued with the news of the world. I would honestly like to know, so I would share that intruigment (I totally just made that word up). After my trip to Israel, I have become much more sensitive and searching for knowledge about news in the middle east. Whatever is happening in the middle east will not only effect my second home, Israel, but my first, America. I look at people who are so consumed with knowing the most about everything, and think if they are doing for show, or if this interest in world affairs is sincere. People can make generalizations and form opinions on topics they hardly know (eeep), but after this trip I have promised myself to no longer be part of that. I back up my arguments with feelings (what can I say, I'm a Pisces) but that won't work. I have come to the realization that if you care about something, something like the lively hood of people all around the world, expressing a feeling won't fix any of these problems. Action and knowledge is what makes differences, and just "caring" about an issue will barely make a dent in the international bubble.

I sat on the Israel/Lebanon border probably a little hung over and most likely sleepy as hell. This farmer, originally from Ohio (duh), who ran the Kibbutz right on the border explained the seriousness of the situation with Hezbolla and how this militia organization/Muslim resistance movement has really effected the entire world. I looked over, on the mountain, and not a soul was outside. Not a single car was driving on this road. All the windows in the buildings feet away from the border fence had no windows in them for they were all sniper stations. This was literally a ghost town. To think people lived anywhere on the boarder would be a joke, but they did. These people are trapped. As the farmer explained, with an extreme bias, there will never be peace between Israel and Lebanon. There will never be peace between the Middle East and the Jews. I sat on the border, and couldn't even think of a thought. I asked some general questions, but after being answered I was ashamed for not knowing these pieces of information beforehand.

That was my push. I'm not going to be a news nut, keeping CNN and (god forbid) Fox News as my background music, but I will read. I will understand. So when it is my time to speak or even fight, I can be ready. If you don't know what you are fighting for, then why fight at all.

Monday, December 14, 2009


this just broke my smiths kick. that takes a lot. please listen to this song that makes me want give everyone kisses.