Monday, August 25, 2008

doing the nasty

so ive been on a pretty good run with eating healthy until about a month ago. i was packing my lunch with healthy protein filled bars and peanut butter sandwiches and apples and salads and i felt great! then, the moment i didnt have time to create these spectacular healthful packages for myself i resorted to the bad, but delicious fast food. hounddogs, pancakes, and especially taco bell. speaking of taco bell, i went there last week out of pure hunger with larry. he bought me the 89 cent 1/2 lbs burrito. it was everything it was supposed to be: meaty, greasy, cheesey, saucy, and filling. after finishing it off, and being satisfied, my stomach began yelling at me. if there was a stomach translator is the area they would translate my grumbles and gurgles to : "for 89 cents you did this to me, you stupid bitch. if you spent 10 more cents you could have AT LEAST gotten a few shreds of lettuce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". And now that im on my "summer break" and not running around all day, if i continue this awful, yet delicious, track of unhealthy food, i will probably be a blimp. but thank goodness for my new obsession with bike riding or i would be one right now. thanks bike that i am trying to get rid of, thanks!

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