Tuesday, September 23, 2008

what i am becoming

this feeling overcomes me almost every year, around this time. maybe its because the school year is starting and every time a new school year comes around, i feel a bit older, like a birthday or something. last year i began to notice how much more girlie i had become, hello kitty and all. but this summer i noticed something different. maybe its something every jewish girl goes through, but i am starting to become that typical jewish lady. i believe if i lived in new york it would be full blown, but since i live in ohio and come from a russian/jewish family its a bit more subdued. if i am acting the way i do now, non-stop talking, bargain hunting, talking with my hands, being a great listener, and becoming a caring bitch.......what am i going to be like in ten years! i classify a typical jewish mother in two or three categories. the first: the worried, neurotic, guilt-giving, crazy jewish mother that has to know everything and anything about everyone while she gossips about everything AND anything. the second: the overly caring, overly expressive, great listening, pushy, bargain hunting, huge bangle wearing, koogle making, jewish mother. and the third: the hippie jewish mother, who makes sure her children know about sex by the age of 5, and smokes her morning joint with her bearded mountain husband who makes jewlery and soaps. although there are so many people out there in this world, and the very orthodox jewish women are a culture all their own, i feel the typical jewish-american women needs to be identified in our society considering im turning into one of them. so if i dont see you in 20 years, just imagine because i MIGHT be 100 lbs heavier and wearing a moo-moo.


Cait said...

i think jewish mothers are great.

ktz said...

hahah i want one