Friday, December 12, 2008

Were we this annoying?

I was just thinking about POLLY POCKETS for some reason. I really don't know why and of the million things i have googled, i have never googled Polly i did and i got the this website:


this website scared me so much that i immediately muted the sound. were girl commercials this annoying? i mean, when i was growing up and polly pocket was the coolest thing on the block all we had were television commercials that showed how much fun having an abnormally tiny life would be, while some gigantic hand controlled your every move. (i had a genie polly pocket with a pink room that had a red jewel on top). we couldnt interact on the internet with these dolls, and now there is a whole world on annoying that is brainwashing little girls. things just arent the way they used to be.......everything from nickelodeon to toys. its just not how things are supposed to go.

OH and this person is either a total freak or the most awesome person in the world, you be the judge of that:

only polly pocket

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ktz said...

omg yes. this is fantastic. i love polly