Thursday, December 25, 2008

When I Do Things.......

Due to recent events (a.k.a. the reading of certain articles about today's youth culture) (a.k.a. hipsters) i realized how much the things i enjoy correlate with this completely detatched part of our young society. katie sent me a mind-blossoming article about this hipster culture that i am completely surrounded by and probably partake in, and how unlike preceding "revolutionary" counter-cultures people are ashamed to be tagged as a "hipster". Being a witness to one of those branding moments truly takes the cake.

ANYWAYS to continue........

Certain things I like, again, correlate with the hipster culture. But unlike liking these things for their "coolness/street cred/counter-culture" reasons, i like these things because they make me happy. Examples:

- Music: (Justice, Girl Talk, MSTRKRFT, Daft Punk) I like this music because FINALLY there is dance music i can dance to with a lot of people around me. I really don't see many people at a dive bar listening to ABBA and AQUA thinking, "THIS IS GREAT, LETS DANCE". (even though that is one of my deepest dreams). I didn't realize SO many people listened to this nuevo techno and almost all of them wore skinny jeans and v-neck tees. When all i really wanted to do was dance and bob my head while driving (YES DRIVING) to school.

-Clothes: (Skinny Jeans, American Apperal, Ray Bans, Scarves) I buy skinny jeans, acutally capris due to my stature, because they will never EVER get wet at the bottum when it rains, and they look cute with boots all the time, and are flattering to my figure. If two out of the three of these reasons weren't true, i would continue wearing flares/boot cut. You cannot resist an American Apperal tshirt, but i do remember thinking that the deep v-neck was gross because my dad would always wear those and have his chest hair showing, so i really dont support the v-neck (financially or mentally). Ill admit right now, i started buying those cute ass ray ban knock offs because of mary-kate fucking olsen and bob dylan. the moment those bad boys hit the forever 21 floor i was right there with my $5.80 buying them. but i will never, i repeat, NEVER wear those Kanye West Sunglasses. When i go out, i dont dress to look dumpy, if i look dumpy its because i really didnt mean to. i dont get it, why is it necesarry to look like you came from the streets when your whole outfit probably costs more than i pay for gas a month.

-Beer: (PABST) now, from the article, i was unaware that Pabst was considered a "hipster" beer. Then i took a look back through my memory and realized almost every "hipster-esc" event i have attended has had pabst for a $1. i just thought Pabst was an amazing alternative to nattie or keystone. i LOVE THE TASTE OF PABST. When i buy my own beer, i will buy Pabst for its true beer-y taste. And if i want a fucking miller lite, i will get a miller lite as well. (that new bud lime is amazing by the way) honeslty, if the cow is there, you might as well milk-it. right? and not because everyone is milking it, but because i like milk and gives me calcium.

all in all, when i do things its because they make me happy. i rarely do things to make myself look better to a certain group of people. im not writing this to say IM NOT A HIPSTER because essntially i am. I am also and art-student, im also a hippie, im also a raver, and a typical fucking college student looking for the answer to love, life, and happiness. we live in a society where everything is connected. everyone is associated with something or some group of people no matter how hard they try. being part of a counter-culture puts you in a group as well. if you live your life enjoying the things around you, and not looking for things to enjoy you will be a much happier person and less of an asshole, basically. no one is better than you, no one is better than me (its an old saying but its true) when everyone figures that out please let me know because i will be dancing and drinking my pabst while wearing my gray american apperal t-shirt (because i like it).


April Kitchen said...

i miss you marina.
send me this article!

ERin said...

anyone who wants to be a "hipster" or identifies themself as such, is lame. i think most people want to be hipsters without having anyone put a label on them.

ERin said...

also, read this blog. its hilarious.

Irene said...

Hear Hear Marina!
Just stumbled across your blog and read this article! Love what you're saying. Agree with you 100%