Wednesday, January 14, 2009

selling out

i shouldn't be thinking about these things considering that fact that im a total hermit and need to spend a lot less time on the computer, BUT i really want to make stuff to sell i mean if these people can make awesome cute little chachkeys, WHY CANT I????

like cmon look at this cuteness:

yeah thats a hat for dogs

see my point


Kate Hutson said...

ive never seen a cuter dog in a hat in my whole life.
the girl who made that pottymouth necklace has been my friend on flickr for years, haha.
and lastly, that doily-looking scarf is fucking awesome.

TokyoBunnie said...

that deer is amazing. want want want.

iamanadult said...

okay i reallllly want to make greeting cards and wrapping paper, let's open a store together.