Monday, April 6, 2009


people think im lying when i tell them this magical tale of a surge alarm clock my brother recieved after drinking probably about 5 boxes of this overly sugarized, overly caffinated, and a bit too green drink that was really popular in the 90s when everything just had to be, strike that, WAS X-TREME!!!!!!!!!!!

my older brother and i shared a room until he graduated highschool (poop guy, having nysyc and spice girl posters line the walls because i wouldnt let him put anything up) being 7 years older then me, he was a teenager of the 90s and as stated above my brother drank A LOT of pop. before my parents realized how bad it was for us, they would get my brother and me a bag of sugar to pour in our pop for all they cared. one of the promotions SURGE had was sending in box tops to receive prizes with the SURGE logo on whatever the item was. my brother finally drank enough liquid crack to finally get this stupid alarm clock. when it came in the mail, he immediately set the alarm for the next morning of highschool. like most alarm clocks, the clock offers a small variety of ways to wake you up. The typical annoying beeping noise and the radio, but this alarm clock came with something very unique.........a man yelling the word SURGE to scare the living shit out of you, and woke you up from your slumber at the same time. as i mention before i shared a room with my brother and he woke up before me so the next day when that alarm clock went off it yelled SUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE over and over again. it scared me so bad that i started crying, my brother laughed at me and continued to use it the rest of the week. every morning i would start crying until my mom came in the room ripped the cord out of the wall and hid the awful alarm clock that has been engraved in my memory.

so all of you who never believed such an alarm clock existed, the wonderful world of youtube has helped once again, and always brought back some insane memories


jenna said...

hahahahaha this is absolutely ridiculous and amazing.

Kate Hutson said...

i'll comment on this in a second, but i just wanted to laugh about the fact that you typed "poop guy" instead of what i'm assuming was meant to be "poor guy" .. aaaand.. i'm immature, so that's funny.

Kate Hutson said...

i loved surge for about a week. right before they took it off the market they would have insane deals, like buy 50 2-liters for 10 dollars or something. our parents were all fooled.

Kate Hutson said...

lastly, i love your header, ma'am.