Friday, June 12, 2009

Hitting the Jackpot

Deal O-Rama here! I have been bargain shopping my ass off. Although I feel as if I have been spending a lot of money, all I can think about is all the money I am saving on tasty treats! Lets begin with the start of spring quarter.....there was no way I was going to buy that $150 Asian Art History book. The history of Asian art could spend another day without my $150 bones, so what did my jewish/cheap-o/college student/broke mind do? Uh DUH! The good old library came in handy once again. With a little searching and a crap ton of luck I found the book just in time for my exam! For how much? FREE 99 BABY! Considering how much I used it (basically never) I felt very happy with my choice. On to deal number two: The thrift store on the West Side of Columbus made me smile hugely after my wonderful purchases. After setting foot into Urban Outfitters one day, I noticed, once again, how the stores clothing is influenced by items found at the thrift store. Years ago in highschool when all I wore were thrift store shirts that said "Marysville Bobcats" or "Brown Elementary Bike Race '95" I got the idea of going there from the overly priced T-shirts sold at UO. So there I was once again, surrounded by 90s floral dresses for $58 and I sure as hell wasn't having it. I took a trip out to the thift store and bought 5 items that would be found at UO for about $10. Although I have a bit of altering to do to them (totally shorten the dresses, ho fo sho) these finds made me feel so good about my choices. Here is an upside to UO, they have really good sales and thats where I got a pair of earrings, a fanny pack, and red tights for $5 each. Thanks you really don't suck. Finally, I went to Big Lots today on a whim and purchased an insane amount of stuff for a total of $37 dollars........a gallon of white paint ($7), a set of 10 towels ($2.50), a hot glue gun ($3), and two canvases ($6). You can't get better than that. I mean I'm sure you can, because next week Dick Blicks is have 20% your entire purchase, plus another 20% with this special coupon! I will be there making myself feel good about the consumer choices I make, because they sure as hell make up for the bad ones.

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