Thursday, July 16, 2009

so many projects, not so many ideas

As usual my brain is mush.........after Biggie Smalls (which was a great success), I just can't think of anything to make. My artgroup, CowTown Lowbrow has a show in Mt. Vernon in early September (yippppskies) but I will be leaving the country in mid August so I gotta think of something that has to do with the depression/recession/video games. We are still figuring out a name, but if you want to come out to Mt.Vernon's Root Center, I hear its a real treat of a place. (I guess). I'm just happy to be showing, honestly. THEN, my lovely friend Amy Neiwirth is putting on a food themed show at JV called "YUMMY" in mid August as well. I could either cop-out and show something I made months ago but never got the motivation to finish, or make something completely new?! On top of that pile of pancakes, I'm in two art classes that have two big final projects, again, due in mid August. So, if you are good at making mashed potato sculptures, I need you to open my head and mold my "mush" into a brain, so I can think......

is it bad that all i want to really do is finish this g'dammed book, listen to folky, and drink coffee?

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ktz said...

he has a lot of pictures involving weiners actually. i like that sk8boarding road kill and u know i love fleet foxes. youll think of something. or maybe you need a break. foreal...........ur brain needs a rest u cant go full speed all the timez. u need time to stop and reflect too