Thursday, July 29, 2010

Work It Girl

I should definitely take some cues from this guy. I am going through something I feel many young women go through, I would like to call it now or never. I'm feeling a little heavy on the bottom end of things, and my butt feels like cottage cheese. So I may be exaggerating, but what girl doesn't? I have been told to embrace it, and just let the body do what it was meant to do for millions of trillions of years. BUT I CAN'T! I need to do what that guy up there is doing and work out! My nutritional intake is pretty bad, and since I'm no longer a college student, I should probably not be aloud to drink cheap beer and cheap greeeeeeeeeeeeeeazy pizza at 3am. BUT I WANT TO! So.....if I do the math right: work out+beer+pizza=I think I might be OK? There are so many options to not sit on my butt (except for my job requires a lot of that). Unemployment Yoga at Yoga on High, riding my bike, walking to the grocery store, swimming before it gets to cold.

Speaking of grocery stores: grocery store wars???