Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My beautiful and most talented friends from Columbus (Sam, Stacie, and Lauren) started a food blog called Bagel Monster. I have contributed to it twice with my chicago food adventures. You should totally check it out. There are some tasty treats! Here is my latest post from the blog:

"In Chicago there are many many many MANY mexican places to choose from. In Logan Square particularly you can times that by 40. Predominately a mexican neighborhood with a mixture of middle class families, college students, and people who want to be hip but are annoyed with Wicker Park, Logan Square has a great selection of Mexican restaurants! I would consider Mexican food as one of my all time favorite foods. I mean, I love pizza, but I will never say no to a taco or burrito, plus every place serves nacho chips with a delicious variety of salsas! Of all the places I have tried, which isn’t THAT many, I truly enjoy Taquiera Moran’s right off the California blue line stop at California and Milwaukee. I went there for the first time last January and loved the authenticity and freshness of their food. It is simple, yes, but gets right to the point. Unlike Taco Bell there are no bells and whistles to this place. So tonight after a pretty mundane day at work, and a pretty grueling yoga class yesterday evening, I ventured with my friend to comida heaven. I wish I had my camera to better document the place, but it is a small little joint with about 8 booths and 4 tables. A magnificent mural is painted joyfully through the entire room. After sitting down we are immedietly served fresh nacho chips with 3 different salsas and a bowl of pickled veggies. I look at the menu and quickly order the Chicken Burrito. At $4.59 I know I am going to have lunch for tomorrow. This baby is much bigger than a Chipotle burrito in my opinion, because normally I can demolish and burrito from Chipotle, but I could barely finish half of this monster. Maybe it was the chips? I dunno! Who really cares. The burrito arrived! Filled with mexican rice, fresh tomato, some amazing light sauce, and of course chicken. My friend thought the chicken wasn’t cooked all the way, but boy it was. I’m pretty sure they simmer it in its own magical juices and spices resulting in a really juicy and fresh piece of meat! This to me is authentic mexican food and is something I really really enjoy eating. I would also recommend their tacos (duh) and their magical Margzzzzzz. Nom Nom NOM! So next time you are in Chicago, particularaly Logan Square, stop by Morans and get yourself a tasty treat!"


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