Tuesday, November 16, 2010

disambiguation (split personality)

Sometimes I want to dress like I'm from the early 60s

and sometimes I want to dress like I'm from 1998

I think i have disambiguation


ktz said...

somehow i love the 90s and how bad it was soooo much too, itll be cool in a few years...we can wear mauve lipsticks and guess jewelry and jeans

EJ said...

yo my god. The 90's loved the 60's. Remember? That's when we started using words like "Retro" and Limited Too carried bellbottoms...around '93. And Mod style got cute again (hello, "Clueless"?!?!). And also, doesn't every good Reality Bites Janeane Garofalo-esque movie feature her dressed in something a little 50's/60's inspired?
you do not have split personality....