Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Low Can Your Logo

This is the bad logo I designed for the bad logo contest from "How Low Can Your Logo". This is tooooo funny and was really fun to make. They are quite encouraging on the site:

"Dear talented go-getter,

Do you want to go through your life not knowing what it’s like to strive for the worst? Yeah, neither do we! Well, here’s our chance!

How Low Can Your Logo? We are testing your capacity to willingly create that which you spend your entire life trying not to create: the worst logo ever. Participants have the chance to conjure up design demons from the darkest nether regions of their inner world and be purged of them forever. The process looms with graphic doom and will undoubtedly leave the best among us contorted in pain. But may the lowest of the low-brow win! The logo lancelot with the worst design will surely bask in the glory of industry infamy for generations to come."

They provide you with a description of the client and their "needs", which is also funny because it is so close real client descriptions and directions I have experienced.

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ktz said...

OMG THIS IS AMAZING, can you win something? i hope you win